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Santa Clause Village at the Arctic Circle in Rovaniemi

Santa Clause Village is situated at the Arctic Circle in Finland only 8 km north of Rovaniemi city center and 2 kilometers from the Rovaniemi airport meaning that the Santa Clause Village is easy to reach by car, by plane or by public transportation. Santa Clause Village is a great sight wether you are just driving by the Rovaniemi to another location or want to spend a longer holiday with lots of activities in Rovaniemi. Then you are able to stay either at the Santa Clause Holiday Village or at the Snowman World's Iglu-hotel.

The atmosphere in the Santa Clause Village is very christmassy. Christmas carrols are played both inside and out and the yard is beautifully decorated with christmas trees.

Santa Clause Village consists of many cute huts such as Santa Clause Office, Santa Clause Main Post Office etc. If you feel like staying outside. You are able to hop on a husky ride or take a reindeer sleigh ride in the wild forest. During your visit you can shop Finnish design from Iittala or Marimekko stores. There is plenty of different kinds of gift shops there also. At Santa Clause Village you are also able to dine local food, have a coffee or lunch. There is a good variety of restaurants, cafes and bars to choose from.

At the Santa Clause office we met the ”real” Santa Clause. The route to the Santa's office was adventurous and girls got even more excited to meet the Santa. They hardly said anything just hold the wish letters but when it was our turn to go to the office they were so curious to see the Santa Clause so they stepped in to the office immediately. 

They had a nice chat with Mr. Santa Clause and set a date for the christmas eve. In Finland the Santa Clause comes with the presents in the evening of the 24th of December. We also got nice pics with Santa and we are going to make our holiday greeting cards out of those pictures. Great idea, I think!

Eventhough the girl's wish lists were quite long they still didn’t reach the world record with 75,954 wishes. Huh! 

There is an interesting history involved with the Arctic Circle. We had a chance to hear about the stories and watch pictures from the 1950s when the USA’s president’s wife Mrs. Eleonore Roosevelt visited the Arctic Circle. Read more from here.

We were in Rovaniemi in the end of November and the darkest polar nights = ”kaamos”  period was just about to start. Polar nights occur only inside the polar circles. The sun rose at 10 am and set already at 2 pm in November. But did you know that in Utsjoki which is 450 km to the north from Rovaniemi the sun doesn’t rise at all for the next two months. Next time the sun rises on 16th of January next year. That is so exotic, I think!

At the Santa Clause Village you are able to enjoy the white and clean snow during the winter months. Our girls were just crazy about the snow. The 2-year old didn’t remember anything about the last years snow experiences so she was a little thoughtful at first but then started a snow war and threw snow balls like the other girls. Girls slide from the top of the snow hills and build snow castle out of the snow. It was so much fun! Outdoor activities at the Santa Clause Village will expand in December until spring when the Snowman world opens up their door.
You get the christmas feeling for sure at the Santa Clause Village! Take a visit and enjoy!

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