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SantaPark Rovaniemi - top Christmas destination in the world

Did you know that there is fantastic Christmas indoor amusement park called Santa Park in Rovaniemi, Finland. It’s situated only couple of kilometers away from the Rovaniemi airport and 8 km from the city center of Rovaniemi. Forbes magazine has chosen SantaPark as a ”Top Christmas destination in the world” and I don’t wonder why. The place is just absolutely fantastic! Everything was so neat and beautiful like in a christmas fairytale. So if you ever happened to visit Finland you should definitely visit Rovaniemi and SantaPark. Depending of the season you are able to find cheap flights for tens of euros from Helsinki to Rovaniemi. Worth visiting even for a one night stop but if you have time I recommend staying longer in Rovaniemi. 

There is only one place in the world where you can cross the Arctic Circle below ground and that place is SantaPark. You can also get an Arctic Circle Undercrossing Certificate to take home.

There is a lot to do in Santa Park. One of the best was definitely the Elf school in which we learnt all the important skills the elves need in their work. In the end we were graduated from the Elf school and we got red elf hats and diplomas.

After the Elf school we visited Mrs. Gingerbread's bakery. We decorated heart shaped gingerbreads baked by Mrs. Clause. There were families from Italy, Japan and Finland around the same long tables and everybody loved the icing and sprinkles. Feeling was absolutely great, warm and christmassy.

There is also an Angry Birds activity area in SantaPark. One kind elf girl thought girls how to shoot with slingshot. How cool is that?  

Girls got really hot jumping around in the Angry Birds park so it was time to cool down in the ice princess Anna’s ice gallery in - 10 degrees celcius. It was fantastic! Ice princess Anna offered ”Ice Princess kiss” drinks to the girls from the glasses made of ice. They slided on the ice slide and Anna played with girls and told stories about her life in the ice castle. Ice princess Anna also had magic skills. With her skills she made snowfall and then girls went absolutely nuts. They jumped up and down screamed and laughed when the snow flakes fallen to their hair. Luckily they didn’t faint, so happy and excited they were of Anna.

Of course we visited Santa Clause office while in SantaPark. The girls had a chat with the Santa and they set a date for the christmas evening. In Finland the Santa Clause comes and visits the families with the presents in the evening of 24th of December. In SantaPark Santa Clause had time to have a long talk with the girls.

Adults are also well taken cared of in SantaPark. Meanwhile the girls played with the elves. I had time to do little christmas decoration shopping. I fell in love with those white and silver ones but it was difficult to choose among the many colors they had. After the shopping you were able to relax in a Champange bar which was also cute as a candy.

In this blogpost I showed only some of the fun things you are able to do in SantaPark. You should absolutely go and see it by yourself! SantaPark is visually like a piece of art. The whole family is well-entertained in SantaPark 50 meters under the ground. 

Be an Elfie take a Selfie

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